Powered by Tuya 8 electrodes professional Body composition analyzer Jul 19, 2022

Tuya worked closely with yilai developed the eight electrodes professional body composition analyzer scale in smart bluetooth data transfer and record technology.

Scale can analysis over 28+ body health indicator knows your body fat % and muscle % seperately from trunk average number but in left arm, right leg details. Able to give clear guideline when setting the exercise program according to target.

Analysis 29 body health indicator

1- Weight

2-Weight difference compare to lastest record

3-4-left arm body fat / muscle (kg)

5-6-right arm body fat / muscle (kg)

7-8-left leg body fat / muscle (kg)

9-10-right leg body fat / muscle (kg)

11-12-trunk body fat / muscle (kg)

13-Body fat rate %

14-muscle ratio %

15- BMI

16-Bone mass (kg)

17-Protein ratio ( kg)

18-Basic Metabolism ( kcal)

19-Visceral fat index

20-Body age

21-Lean body weight ( kg)

22-Subfat ratio %

23-water %

24-body type

25-sub fat (kg)

26-muscle mass (kg)

27-fat mass (kg)


29-standard weight (kg)

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